Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just Happy to Be Included!

I’ve made no secret about the fact moving to Cleveland, Tennessee has presented me with certain social challenges. I was thinking not long ago and I don’t remember the last time I was invited to or attended at party or event. Shortly after that my husband and I were invited to the Junior Auxiliary’s ball. Well before the words were even spoken, “Would you and your husband like to…..” My answer was a resounding “Yes!” I was just tickled to finally be included in something! I didn’t even know what I was saying “Yes” to attend. But truly, for all I cared it could have been watching paint dry, ice melt or a blind folded chess tournament.

Having worked in non-profit and being a professional volunteer on the side, I’ve done the charity event scene a gillion times before. I’m already imagining my dress and fabulous shoes. But this is Cleveland, after all, so they do it just a bit differently.

For this event, cleverly titled, “Fork it Over,” guests sit at a themed table. The dress and table décor is determined by this theme. As I’m not a member of JA, I’m just anxiously awaiting the news of what our table theme is and am imagining my great new dress and fabulous shoes. Again, JUST TICKLED TO BE INCLUDED!

After other themes had been taken and much careful deliberation: I was told the theme for our table. Drum roll….. Slumber Party… Yes, that’s right – Slumber Party. No new dress and fabulous shoes. My husband and I were essentially going to make our social debut in our pajamas. But again, I’m happy to be included!!!

As the event approached, I managed to find a Moroccan kaftan type of gown and David some pajamas. He wanted the Hef smoking jacket, but those are difficult to obtain here in the “Greater Tri-State.”

The militant party planner in me was bound to come out at some point. One of the ladies sitting at our table had surgery so she would be unable to decorate the table. So I volunteer to decorate the table, or at least come up with a centerpiece. But what does a slumber party center piece at a charity event for adults, benefitting children look like. No idea. But I had to come up with something.

The day of the event arrives and our table is bedecked with everything “slumber party.” This was the first time I’ve left from decorating for an event to go home and put on my gown and it was actually a night gown. Husband threatened to not attend when he found out everyone would not be in pajamas, only us. I assured him that others would be dressed more ridiculously than he. There were tons of cute themed tables and l felt ours was lacking perhaps. But I’m happy to just be included.

Each table is to come up with some sort of money raising venture to sell to the other attendees. For instance the “Titantic” table sold drinks called lifesavers. I don’t think there is a recipe for this drink – just many forms of white alcohol with some green food color. The “Twilight” table sold bloody marys. The mafia table had chocolate guns. The MASH table sold martinis.  For us at the slumber party table it was hot toddies.

My favorite would have to be the “Kiss” table. These people were clad in full Kiss regalia – even the make-up. They had the 5 inch tall platform boots and toy guitars and groupies who sold t-shirts.

We had a fun time. Although for me there was a conspicuous absence of dancing (see previous posts). For a $100 donation you could dare someone to get on the stage and dance, but dancing wasn’t open to all. That’s a dare I would have taken!

The atmosphere was much like high school. You remember when your parents would go out of town and you’d have a party. You didn’t know how to mix proper drinks so you just poured everything together and shot it down. Since we still don’t know many people, I felt as if I was party crashing at times. I was letting husband enjoy all the libations of the evening so I was happy to call it a night early.

With full stomachs and empty wallets we headed home. As we were leaving, one of the guys from Kiss tried to “check my oil” with his guitar. He was a tall man anyway and with the platform boots he must have been pushing 7 feet tall. I’m sure this prevented my husband from doing anything other than giving him the evil eye. If you ask me, I’ll deny it, but I was sort of flattered.

At the end of the evening I was JUST SO HAPPY TO HAVE BEEN INCLUDED!!!!!!

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