Friday, March 9, 2012

We’re looking for a few GOOD neighbors…..

Our subdivision, Pebble Ridge, is fairly new to the GTSA.  We’re not on GPS or MapQuest, or Yahoo.  I hear we may have made it to Google maps.  You have to really want to find us.  We’ve had good luck with neighbors thus far.  Good luck except for the Purple Heart impostor and the pyromaniac…(neighbors reading you KNOW who I mean)  Luckily they’ve moved on.  I wondered for a long time if someone were to call 911 if the authorities would be able to find us.  Thanks to the imposter and the pyro we know that the police CAN, in fact, find us. 

Our house is the last one nearest the cul-de-sac.  A cul-de-sac is prime real estate for people with small children.  The lost next to us WAS vacant.  The developer kept lowering the price enticing Husband and me to buy the lot.  I’m not one to own “land.”  And, what would be the point?  This lot is close to the water tower and no one, NO ONE would buy much less build on that lot.  Well, famous last words.  A builder purchased the remaining lots and is near to completing a house….

Looking for a house?  Could this be the one for you?
Husband, the neighbors and I have been talking in jest about who is “allowed” to live there.  Save for the two crazies who briefly lived in Pebble Ridge everyone is really pretty cool.  But this is the cul-de-sac house.  These people must be properly screened and vetted.  Sure the banks to credit checks and review your tax returns and such.  To live in Pebble Ridge, it’s about much more than ability to pay the bills.  So here’s a questionnaire for prospective residents of the Pebble Ridge cul-de-sac.

The water tower.  Truly It's almost
 invisible in summer.  I don't even notice
it now.  But my house doesn't
face it....
1.       You realize you’re near the water tower, don’t you? (You can hardly see it in spring… Just want to ensure that they won’t move out right after moving in)

2.       What type of beer do you drink?  (A revealing question, certainly.  Many answers are acceptable here – even “I don’t drink beer” (GASP!!!)  Unacceptable answers:  Natural Light, PBR, What’s beer)

3.       Do you have kids?

4.       If #2 is “no,” then How do you feel about kids?

5.       Do you mind, even encourage kids running through your yard? (chasing a ball, chasing a dog, catching fireflies, etc)

6.       Do you like dogs? (We almost all have dogs, and who wants to live near someone who fundamentally doesn’t like dogs)

7.       Do you have a lot of vehicles that you will park in your driveway and on the road?

Cul-de-sac view...  Are you worthy to live here????
8.       What type of riding mower do you have? (Husband assures me this is a telling question.  You can tell a lot about a man by his mower.  If he doesn’t have a riding mower…..)

9.       Will you ride kids up and down the hill on your mower?

10.   What type of tools do you have? (a tall ladder, various saws, an air compressor, etc)

11.   You don’t have an electric chain saw or blower or weed eater do you? (I don’t care, but the men seem to think this is important)

12.   Are you willing to loan said tools to your neighbors?

13.   Do you have a boat – preferably a cool ski boat that you will park elsewhere and invite neighbors to join you?

14.   Will you loan a neighbor an egg or vanilla or a stick of butter when needed?

15.   If you make, bake or grow something really awesome, will you share?

16.   How many Christmas lights do you put up? (Notice the “how many” and not “do you”)

17.   When do you put them up and take them down?


18.   Do you like fireworks? (On the 4th of July we go full redneck and light up the cul-de-sac.  This is truly a deal breaker.  We all get fireworks and shoot them off pretty much all day long.  Truly, fireworks might happen for no reason on any given summer night?
This photo is a couple of years old.
But one can see that we needed a
battery powered ATV to haul the
pyrotechnics up the hill.

Speaking directly about me:  Will you call me when my husband is out of town and tell me when my garage door is still open at 10 PM? If I’m 8 months pregnant and a stray dog gets in the trash, will you pick it up?  When Husband is out of town, will you just pop over and mow my grass when you’re mowing yours?  Will you rearrange your schedule to take care of Bruce while I have a baby?  Will you run over to my house 2 minutes before a tornado strikes to bring me a giant chem. light?  Will you pick me up some wine when you see it’s on sale?  Will you feed my dogs when I go out of town?  Will you text me when my dogs get out, or just put them back in the fence?  Will you spend a whole afternoon fixing my camper or my car?  Will you clean out my fridge when there’s no power so my house won’t smell?  Will you let Bruce use your basketball goal?  If we throw, kick or launch a ball into your yard will you throw it back over?  Will you pick up a prescription for my puking baby because I can’t leave to go get it?  Will you have dog treats for my dogs even when you don’t have dogs?  Will you get big candy bars for Halloween just for the neighborhood kids? (funny how most of these apply to when Husband is out of town)

So I might be a touch on the high maintenance side….  It’s a tall order, I know!  But the right people are out there.  Again, we’re looking for GOOD neighbors.  Average need not apply!!!!!

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