Thursday, November 1, 2012

Freakin' Halloween...

So yesterday was Halloween.  Husband got to be trick-or-treat parent this year.  But before they set out to relieve the neighbors of their chocolate bars, I endeavor to capture the "precious" moments on video.  It's odd that I actually remembered to take pictures.  I wonder why I bothered.

Bruce was Spiderman - again. 

He truly believes that he IS Spiderman. He's hopping all over the furniture to the floor and back again.  Then Reed tries to copy him and he falls, hits his head and then gets mad.  This went on for about 20 mintues until I'd finally had enough.

This is one of my better parenting moments.  God is definitley teaching me something by giving me two boys.  I can't stand burping, fart noises or toilet humor.  I'm going to have to lighten up, I'd wager.  Here's what's going on here if you can't figure it out. I wish the audio was better.  The toy Reed has plays a Halloween song.  He was dancing to it.  He was super cute.  The type of thing grandparents love.  But this time when I filmed him, he didn't dance and all you hear is Bruce burping and me  "gently"admonishing him.

This one is a little better.  You can't hear the toy singing.  But the boy is dancing - somewhat.  So for the friends and relatives who we don't get to see often enough this is what you're missing - burping, yelling and a kid dancing that only his mother would think is cute.  How much do you miss us????

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