Thursday, March 14, 2013

And on the 8th day God created toddlers….

Reed is especially trying of late.  And by trying I mean…  Well we discounted infanticide pretty quickly, but we’re looking into selling him to gypsies.  I hear there are some not too far from me in North Carolina. 
He wakes up screaming.  Not, crying mind you.  But hollering is more like it – mouth open in a wide oval, little toddler baby teeth showing, red faced, tears streaming down, and emitting a noise that is loud as a fire alarm and sounds like a cross between a dying cat and a burglar alarm.  What’s great is that he doesn’t do this for anyone else but me.  At school he’s fine.  With Husband and the sitter he’s fine.  I walk in the door and it starts.

This too shall pass, won’t it?  Or when it passes will I emerge with my sanity (or what’s left of it) intact?  I’m doubting right now.

It’s getting to Bruce too.  Here’s our conversation on the way to school this morning.
(Reed – kicking, hitting and making the burglar alarm noise)

Bruce: (shouting above the fray) Do you think we could leave Reed in the house by himself?
Bruce:  But how would anyone know?????
Me:  Hmmmm…

I’m pretty sure God created toddlers to show us that we’re really not in charge.  As much as we think we are, we are in charge of really very little. 

We’re like the toddlers – selfish, defiant, insolent, but somehow we love them anyway.  Perhaps that’s a good example of God’s love for us.

Naaah.  God created toddlers so because he has needs laugh, has a great sense of irony and a love for occasional slap-stick comedy.  

Destroyed the bathroom and covered himself
in deodorant while I showered for 

Don't be fooled by the cuteness!

Using a dog bowl to be tall enough to retrieve something
sharp from the counter.

Yep, that's the Bible.  He's literally
Standing on the Promises of God!

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