Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Because a Bet's a Bet

You can never say my husband isn’t a man of his word….

Several weeks ago we’re over at the neighbor’s house, R is the mom, C is the dad and A1 and A2 are the kids. Their niece, K, is over as well. K is 16 years old and has good looks and sass to spare. As 16 year olds tend to do, she was lamenting about the last 6 weeks of school and how she longed for it to be over. C, sensing her frustration to even be bothered with the last little bit of school, tried to motivate her. He said that if she got straight A’s on her last report card, he’d buy her a jet ski! For me that would have been no motivation at all. You all are familiar with the fact that I usually merely tolerate the out of doors. But, to each his own.

K, was intrigued. C, clarified further and said it wouldn’t be a new jet skit, he’d really do it. Now my husband gets involved. He writes a contract in his best redneck legalese, that they both sign.

Here’s where it gets interesting. A1 and A2 want to get in on the fun too. They are 8 and 6 years old. R and C encouraged them both to get straight A’s and receive their sincere congratulations and ability to continue living in their home free of charge. They’re in 2nd grade and Kindergarten for heaven’s sake. So my husband chimes in. “If you two get straight A’s”, he almost shouts, “I’ll shave my head!” For some reason, everyone then looked at me. Heck, it’s not my bet and it’s not my hair. I would have been like C, and hedged my bet a little better as I'm somewhat familiar with 2nd grade and Kindergarten curriculum.

Another contract is written and signed and we all go home for the night.

Weeks pass and I completely forget. School ends and R, C, A1 and A2 go out of town.

About a week later, early afternoon, A1 and A2 come barreling over wanting to see David. I’m consumed by much talking and gesturing and girlish excitement. Though the chaos, I’ve managed to pick up that they made A’s and they were ready for husband to shave his head. I can barely even reelect this bet. Regretfully, I tell them that he is out of town.

The girls keep our house under close observation for when David returns. The second they see his truck in the drive way, over they come, ready to collect on their bet. He manages to weasel out of shaving his head one more time. He gives some lame excuse about giving presentations and going out of town for a week to “train.” The girls just steal their resolve to get this done the second he comes back. So that’s what happened.

On Saturday we manage to convince Bruce to have “rest” time. During the height of rest time, there is not a knock, but a pounding at the door. A1 and A2 are there and will be dismissed not more. So David acquiesces. He plugs up the charger to the clippers and takes his medicine like a man.

You know how you’re on your best behavior around someone you’ve just met. You usually want to dial down the crazy that usually exists in your life. Well on head shaving day, A1 and A2 had a friend over AND new neighbor just moved in with a girl A1’s age and she was there too. These events would be difficult to translate to parents or new neighbors. Needless to say, I’m baking the new neighbors something wonderful even as I write.

Here are photos of the carnage… I mean haircut.

Oh, as for K, she didn’t get straight A’s…..

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  1. That is seriously awesome. :D

    I just found your blog and adore your writing..I'm from Clevegas, too, btw. We should be friends. :D