Thursday, June 3, 2010

To Be Continued....

I’ve made it NO secret that, at times, Tennessee and I mix together about as well as oil and water. Last New Year, my resolution of sorts was to keep a list of great things about my life in Tennessee instead of focusing on the negative (like obtaining edible Mexican food or the ability to get a proper bikini wax). I know you’re thinking, “Anne, it’s June. The year is half over.” I realize that. But the winter here is cold and wet and lingering. The springtime, although pleasing, leaves me with altogether different problems (see previous post). But I digress….

There are many great things about the “Greater Tri-State” Area and Me IN the “Greater Tri-State Area”. Here are just the first few.

1. We have some great neighbors who moved in last October. They have two girls with whom Bruce plays with constantly. They are wonderful people and I probably owe my sanity, at least in part, to their moving to the neighborhood.

2. It’s very beautiful here. You know that I don’t like the out of doors for an extended period of time, but who can complain about mountains and trees. Complaining is difficult when you can escape inside to the air conditioning or bath room when needed.

3. There are fire flies in Tennessee. There were not any in Texas. Perhaps the heat or the pollution keeps them from coming. Or maybe you just can’t see them through the haze that forms in the summer. I don’t know. But there’s a lightning bug storm every night at dark and the kids run amok trying to catch as many as they can. Great memory of my childhood that Bruce gets to experience too.

4. In the summer there are curb markets with fabulous fresh vegetables. I don’t know if they are organic or macrobiotic or what. I know they are good to eat.

5. The people at the dry cleaners know my name and they know to put heavy starch on David’s shirts. They also have a law enforcement discount. It takes anywhere from 4 days to a week to get the clothes back (no same day service available). But they know me!

6. It costs $20 to tag your car and there is no vehicle inspection

7. I have what’s called at “E” tag on my car. It’s for law enforcement, fire fighters, doctors – that sort of thing. I know I’m none of those things, but David is. I hear this will help me in the unfortunate event that I get pulled over for speeding. OK, when I get pulled over for speeding.

So there you have it – 7 great things just off the top of my head. More to come as they are revealed to me.  Perhaps Tennesssee and I are like oil and water.  When you shake them together enough, and a few more ingredients, they emulsify and you get pretty great salad dressing.

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