Saturday, June 11, 2011

Money from Heaven

Nothing of import comes in the mail on Saturday – usually that is.  Today was surprisingly different!  This came!  Yes, it’s a check for $249.71.
Thank you, Erlanger Health System!
"Money from Heaven" is the term I use when an unexpected check comes in the mail.  This is different than finding a $5 in your jeans pocket.  For some reason a check in the mail seems more divine to me.  In our family there’s maybe one “Money from Heaven” check annually.  Honestly, I don’t even remember when the last one arrived.  I think I probably lived in Texas.  So we're well over due for this.  Frankly, I/we could use a little unforeseen good fortune a "mizvah" if you will. 
I’m not sure how or why this check came into my life.  I recall seeing a bill for that amount and paying it.  As far as researching or speculating if the money is truly owed to me – Yeah, I’m not gonna do that.
A couple of things you may have noticed:  Firstly, the check is made out to David.  That’s not a problem.  I’ve been signing his name going on two decades.  The bank would be more likely to question his actual signature than my forgery of it.  Secondly and most importantly:  The check is from the hospital.  So this is either a refund from giving birth to his son or from a painful procedure I had to ensure that Reed was the final serendipitous event of his kind.  I should SO be the recipient of any overages from the hospital.
Clearly CLEARLY this “Money from Heaven” is mine ALL MINE!

So the remaining question is:  What to do with it? Several things jump to mind.
I could buy the Cuisinart food processor I’ve been wanting for years.  No one has taken the hint and bought me one for Christmas.  I want one really bad.  I have a Williams Sonoma gift card too.  I might have some money left over.

Or I could go to DSW and get high on sandals, wedges, espadrilles, sling backs and boots.  My heart is pounding somewhat just thinking about it.  This is a damn good idea.  This is a plan just crazy enough to work.
Happiness is a great pair of heels!

Finally I could get a high of a different kind.  I could take the money to the wine store and splurge on all the little boutique bottles we drink on vacation and special occasions.  There is a 10% case discount.  That could really be fun.  After all Husband nice enjoys wine almost as much as I do.  Of course he won’t admit it most times.  But it is true!
What will probably, most certainly happen?  I’ll deposit the money into the general fund.  It will be used to purchase glamorous items such as diapers, baby formula, gasoline, food or tires.  I guess that’s OK too.
If you’re not familiar with the book/website A Thousand Awesome Things, check it out. It’ll make your day.  I may submit this one to them.  If they don’t have this one, they should.

No matter how you use it.  “Money from Heaven” is AWESOME!  STUPENDOUS! FANTASTIC!  And just plain GREAT!

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  1. Itunes. You cannot go wrong with music. Joy Division "Transmission". You'll know what to do with the radio. It's good to zone out or anything else depending on where spent the other $248.72.