Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mystery Solved

For more than a year now I’ve been contemplating just how in the world I got pregnant and had another baby.  Yeah, I know, I know.  I don’t need middle school sex ed. lesson.  Actually knowing the “birds and the bees” of it all only deepens the mystery further.  That’s all I intend to say about that.  The rest can be left to your imagination and inference. 
So confused, resentful and ignored by God I moved forward.  Reed came in November of 2010.  He’s a happy, smiling Thanksgiving turkey of a baby and I’m finally glad we have him.  But the “why” of it all still remains within me – just under the surface like a splinter or an itch you can’t scratch.
Big Brother making Little Brother laugh
Fast forward to the present.  Reed and I pick up Bruce and sports camp.  He immediately goes on ad nauseum about karate and how great it is.  He chopped a board in two, (Sure, I believe that) and kicked and punched and learned about strangers.  Sounded good to me.
Reed started laughing at Bruce like he always does.  Then the mood in the car changed.  The air got heavier, the radio quieter.  “Ya know,” Bruce says, “God put Reed in your tummy.”  “Yes, I know,” I sigh.  “But he really did.  Last year I prayed and asked Him for a baby brother and He said He’d put a baby in your tummy for me.”  “Seriously???” I say stifled.  “Yep,” he says.  “I wanted a brother so God gave me Reed.”  “Don’t you think this information could have been brought to my attention, I don’t know, say LAST YEAR?” I ask.  “What?” Bruce asks.
Then the moment was over and he began asking me if he got good at karate could be beat up Superman.  And could he punch a hole in the world and why is there cheese on his sandwich and why and why and why and….
So still sometimes I wonder if my prayers are heard and answered.  But at least Bruce’s are!  I’m thankful for his answered prayer and my unanswered one.  So the mystery of Reed is put to rest in my book – once and for all.

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog and realized, hey, I know this person. Hi, Anne! This article gave me major chills.