Friday, December 9, 2011

For 2012 - May you be almost as happy as you appear in your Christmas card photo

I realized this year that Christmas cards make me feel inferior.  If I don't receive many, or if my family isn't in someway "equal" to the one in the card.  You know maybe they are better looking.  Maybe their picture is in an exotic location.  Or maybe your husband says, "Oh, she's hot!" about the mom in the photo. 

So far this year I only have 2 cards......  For some reason I'm disappointed by this.  I received many last year.  One we recently opened has a beautiful woman in the photo.  The other has a equally beautiful woman.  She and her truly beautiful family are joyously posed in front of the Eiffel Tower.  Yes, the one in Paris.  Husband remarked, "I'll bet she doesn't gripe about her kids...."  To this I had to answer -

"Do you EVEN remember what it took to get our Christmas photos taken???"  You all were going to suffer a fate WORSE than death if you couldn't get one, just ONE shot where we looked A) Sane B) like we liked each other and C) (most importantly) I look thin!  Sure they are at the Eiffel Tower.  They're staring lovingly into each other's eyes in the background while the children frolic in the foreground.  But I guarantee, there was threatening involved!"

Husband, slightly astounded asked, "Even hot girl gripes at her child?"  I answered, "Oh, I'm certain of it!"

So here's the Cadle family Christmas card.  I hope we can be half the family we apprear to be.  I hope the same for you!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. We never even got a family picture for Christmas this year. nope. tried. failed. had to use a spontaneous snapshot from 4th of July. sigh.