Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why bother???

I know I'm not Cupcake War material.
But I'm trying....
In an effort to revive my campaign for Mother of the Year for the Greater Tri-State Area, I decided to make birthday cupcakes for Bruce’s class.  I phoned it in for his Valentine party earlier in the week by sending store bought cookies. 

I get the makings for cupcakes with butter cream frosting and excitedly tell Bruce that we get to make cupcakes for his class.  He pauses, looks at me as if I’m dim and says, “Why we just buy ‘em.  It’s easier!” I answer him, “Well, just because!”

At home he feigns interest for about 3 minutes then he puts himself on the opposite side of the baby gate and pretends to be in jail.  He learned the hard way that you don’t get to lick the spoon if you don’t help make the cupcakes. 

Again, vying for Mom of the Year, I make and color the icing and break out the pastry bag and icing tips.  I do this once a year MAYBE.  I’m not exactly Cupcake War material, but I’M TRYING!  I ask Husband what he thinks of my attempt to give our son the memories of home baked goods for Bruce’s birthday and he responds, “They’re OK I guess…”

Why do I even bother….

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