Friday, April 20, 2012

Shame on you Secret Service

John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Herman Cain, Anthony Weiner, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mark Sanford – all politicians who have engaged in sexual miss conduct.  Notice none are women – fascinating…  Now we can add the United State Secret Service to this list.  I’ve been stewing over this one for a while.  Fundamentally, I really need the Secret Service to behave better!  Now I’m confident that more than 99% do their jobs with integrity.  I’ve met a handful of these men and women, and like most government employees, their salaries do not correlate with the amount of stress and work the job entails. 
I was reading some articles from one of my favorite talk radio hosts, Dennis Prager (yeah I’m THAT cool).  He writes and speaks extensively on male sexuality.  Prager contends, and I agree that, men are predisposed, hard wired if you will to associate sex with power.  That’s OK.  It’s how they were made.  Most men past puberty have realized how control this.  They control themselves because of their moral compasses and the knowledge of what’s right and what’s wrong – this coupled with a great fear of getting caught. 
Enter the U.S. Secret service in Cartagena, Colombia….  This is place where these men let their need for sex and power run amok!  Prostitution is legal here so these a$$holes decide to sew some oats or fulfill a lifelong fantasy and contract with several Ladies of the Evening for their services. 
Now here’s the part where they truly begin thinking with the organ in their pants rather than the one in their head.  They could have told the ladies ANYTHING!  They’re businessmen in town for a conference – ANYTHING!  Nope, they own up to working for the Secret Service.  Now I doubt Colombian prostitutes know what the Secret Service is, but they knew it was important.  So after services were rendered, the Secret Service won’t pay up.  Two men had even shared a woman and they wouldn’t pay.  I’ve heard the amount was either $60 or $250.  Now everything I know about prostitutes I learned watching Pretty Woman – so I’m an expert.  To quote Kit from the movie, “We say who.  We say when.  We say how much.”  They wouldn’t pay so she went to the police.  All they had to do was pay.  I wonder if these pompous monsters were surprised about how it all shook out?  I see their reasoning being something in the line of “giving the woman the night of her life so why would they pay.”
Don’t misread my meaning.  No woman grows up wanting to be a prostitute.  If she could pay the bills any other way I know she would.  But that’s not the topic for today. 
So it appears that the Secret Service will be hiring several new agents for those who are interested.  I think they also should employ a seamstress because several have problems with their zippers coming down!

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