Monday, May 14, 2012

Post Mother’s Day Confession

I’ve REALLY been needing to blog lately.  The time has escaped me.  I felt guilty posting this yesterday, on Mother’s Day.  But today is another day – thank goodness.  Here’s the confession – I love my boys every day, but lately I don’t like them.….  There I said it.  Judge me if you will, but you know you’ve been there.  Right now I’m praying for a full time job for scores of reasons, but among them is that I would have childcare during the day and perhaps, PERHAPS I might enjoy them a bit more during the time I had with them.

Here’s how it breaks down.  The 7 year old is all smart mouth, toilet humor and fart noises – constantly.  I know, I know, that’s just males as a gender.  Seven year olds are prone to this behavior especially.  This I know.  But as Husband can attest I’ve never thought this was funny-EVER- and it just ticks me off, frankly that I can’t make him stop.  Don’t get me started about his father goading him on.  I guess in some (most) ways I was born older. 

That little one…. Oh my that little one…  I’m fairly certain he’s either plotting to kill me or to see that I end up at Moccasin Bend (the local mental hospital).  While awake he has two settings.  Those settings are whine and cry.  Save from the rare occurrences when he gives me a wolfish grin and then kisses me and says, “Mama.” It’s probably part of his master plan.   Speaking candidly, I prefer cry.  Whining is worse than nails on a chalkboard.  I can block out the crying.  But the whining...  Paging Moccasin Bend…..  And to top it all off, he hits me.  He hits his brother he hits the dogs.  Big brother runs in the other direction if he comes vaguely in his direction with a toy.  “Reed’s gonna clobber me!  Helllllpppp!!!!”  I feel the same way.  I feel the same way...

I have a favorite child.  Yep.  I said it.  I sure as heck do.  But here’s the thing – it changes constantly.  Lately the favorite is who’s irritating me the least.  I’ll admit that is Mr. Fart Noises.  Why?  Elementary!  He’s in (Elementary) school until 2:45.  Ergo I have to endure the crudity for a short while in the morning and from about 3 o’clock on.  The whining is non-stop.  NON-STOP!  Even husband asked on Mother’s Day, “Does he do this all the time?  How do you deal with it?” 

What am I gonna do about it?  No idea.  Right now I intend to drink some wine and basque in the quiet that exists only when two boys are ostensibly sleeping and husband is out of town.  Night…


  1. You kill me!! I love your often makes my day better. My suggestion with the Reeder is to ignore it, don't ever give him what he is wanting while whining or crying. He will stop. He use to do it here until he realized that I am unmoved and that playing is actually fun and enjoyable. He really likes to play by himself too, he prefers that the other kids stay away from him MOST of the time. You are a great worries for sure=)

  2. love love love your blog. I feel like this most days too!

    1. Thanks! Love to hear that people like it!

  3. I just quit my full-time job. I was going to give up our space in the summer program, but my husband won't let me. He thinks me and the kid all day long, every day is a bad idea. He's a smart man.