Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The AGONY of defeat….

Well shit! I got my hopes up again about getting a job only to have them dashed once more.  I really wish I hadn’t spent all that money on interview clothes.  #!@#^&**!!!!!!!  I felt the moment in the interviews (there were more than one) when they turned on me.  I’m just really mad that during the panel interview I was trying to justify my experience to a bunch of 22 year olds.  I was 22 once.  You can’t help the age you are and shouldn’t apologize for it.  But I damn well have more experience in certain areas than they do. 
When I got the news, this clip immediately came to mind.  Yes, this dates me, and the 22 year olds who interviewed me wouldn’t get it at all.  That’s OK I guess.  We’ll see how successful they are in relieving rich alumni of their extra funds. 
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  
                 This too shall pass. 

In the mean time, think of me and smile when you watch the skier have a spectacular crash. 

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