Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dickensian Vampire…

So I’ve been sick ever since I started working.  I work at a private boarding and day school (shameless plug:  www.bachmanacademy.org).
The kids come from 8 states and 4 countries.  That’s a lot of germs from a lot of places.  The second week of school everyone was sick.  Then everyone bounces back, gets better and school goes on.  Well not me.  I’ve had something happening since the second week of school.  Such is my life. 
So between sinus infections and stomach ailments, I now have the flu for the second time.  Is that even possible?!?!?  AND, I had the flipping vaccine.  As I write I’m hoping my cough medicine with codeine will kick in. 
Just to make it interesting I was also diagnosed with severe vitamin d deficiency.  Yes, I have rickets.  RICKETS!!!!  It’s a laughable ailment to have in 2013.  The only thing that would be funnier would also to be diagnosed with scurvy. 
The comedic value is not lost on me. I told Husband that I now had scientific proof that Cleveland, Tennessee makes me ill.  He still dismissed it as he usually does.  At the rickets diagnosis, the sun hadn’t shown in weeks, nay months, it seemed.  My friend Judy got quite a chuckle out of my announcement.  She concluded that I am vitamin d deficient because I am a vampire.  According to her, and she’s right – I’m terribly white and I never go out in the sun.

My mother enjoyed quite a laugh at my expense at well.  “Anne, poor people and characters from a Dickens novel get rickets, “she said. 

Perhaps I’m both.  The Victorian era is one of my favorites.  If I had to be a vampire, I’d probably choose that time period.  In the mean time I’ll have to endure freckles (GASP) when I make myself get sun.

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