Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Agree to Disagree - But I'm right!

Or- why I abhor A1 Steak Sauce
I'm no longer the chief preparer of food in my house.  I resigned last night citing a hostile work enviroment and creative differences. Husband cautioned me about having a "knee jerk" reaction, but I've been thinking about this for a while.
 Actually I tried letting him be in charge of food.  I could handle that for about 48 hours. I'm waaay to controlling.  And who can take eating hamburger meat and salad from a bag every night?
At the heart of the problem is this .  Yes, A1 Steak Sauce.  I hate the shit and don't believe it should be considered food.  It is in the catagory of Cheetos and Velveeta.  This stuff is wrong on the level of Wizard of Oz (see previous post), or any movie with Johnny Depp. Or naming your baby "North," or having a face tattoo, or keeping rats as pets - I could go on....

I don't buy A1.  After Husband goes on a camping or overnight stake out, some always shows up in the fridge.  It's usually the only item left over.  On these trips he consumes nothing nutritious - only A1, sardines, saltine crackers and cheese from a can. 

Lately the "big boys" (Husband and Bruce) have been putting it on EVERYTHING - eggs, turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, steak, EVERYTHING.

So what's my beef (pun intended)?  I got out of my way to plan meals that taste good, are nutritious and require little or no seasoning when they are served.  I use good ingredients.  Good often translates to more expensive.  I take it as a personal insult when my food is slathered in a solution of high fructose corn syrup and tomato puree preserved with what I'm sure is nearly toxic cocktail of chemicals. 

Not long ago both sets of grandparents were in town.  For dinner we had a standing rib roast.  This is a pricey cut (my mom bought).  It's juicy and delicious and requires very little seasoning.  Husband slathered it in freaking A1 - this is an abomination!!!

For a church potluck (that we couldn't attend do to flooding) I made a scalloped potatoes.  Not just any potatoes, mind you.  These had about $12 worth of guyere, cream, and fresh herbs.  Husband remarked how delicious the dish was.  Then I noticed the A1...

I made really nice omelets for breakfast the other day.  Nice ingredients were used - nice cheese, bacon and tons of fresh herbs from my garden.  What happened?  Freakin' A1 all over the thing.  By now I'm pretty ticked off.  But I've gently shepherded and molded him into my way of thinking.  In other words I've griped and nagged until I'm blue in the face about how absolutely insulted I am about the A1. 

I think dinner last night will be different.  I find an easy and seemingly delicious recipe on Foodnetwork that is not suited for A1 at all.  This is what I made. I used different veggies, by the idea was the same.  Bet you can guess what happened.  Husband not only slathered his in stupid A1 but he only hate the half of the chicken breast that wasn't stuffed.  He gave some cock and bull story about only eating "until he was full," and "eating whatever, however he wanted." I asked if he understood while I'm insulted.  He acknowledged he did, but he's still putting A1 on whatever he wants. 

Oh, dear, dear precious Husband.  Hell hath no fury like a woman from the South whose cooking you've insulted!!!!!

To be continued...


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