Tuesday, June 4, 2013

These two things!!!

I will go to my grave trying to make everyone in America if not the world acknowledge and accept these two things:  

1.       The “Wizard of Oz” is a freakish Technicolor nightmare!  It should not be a beloved cinematic masterpiece.   Little people, witches, damn flying monkeys, talking scare crows, wizards and horses that change color…  Sounds like a horrible acid trip not a family favorite to watch again and again.  I’m having heart palpitations just thinking about this! 

2.       Equally if not MORE important – When assigning sizes to objects (drinks, food what have you) if there are only two sizes available the one with the least volume or weight CANNOT be medium.  The size of your small object is relative.  If your small is 32 ounces and your large is 64 ounces, just because the first amount is relatively large it is still the smaller of the two.  Restaurants that begin with medium as the smallest size are wrong (Zaxby’s)!!!!   Now there is an exception.  If, say a restaurant normally has three sizes, but is temporarily out of small, then and ONLY then can the size with the smallest weight or volume be a medium. 

Together we can change the world to accept this way of thinking.  It’s a small, grassroots movement.  Everyone commit to sharing this message with just one person.  We can do it, people!  I realize this post reveals a good deal about the state of my sanity.  That said, this is important!

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