Friday, September 13, 2013

For Everything EVERYTHING!!!

List of grievances for this week… 

My house is still for sale…

·         Doesn’t map properly on websites or doesn’t show up online at all

·         Houses I like keep selling

·         Got notified of a showing 15 minutes after the start time

People who come to work sick

·         Not sure if it’s martyrdom or stupidity at work here

Half day off of my son’s school because of Grandparent’s Day

·         Hugely inconvenient and me and isolating for him

My in-laws are on an extended 6 week holiday in England

·         Not really mad about that, but what real person does that?

My two year old is plotting against me

·         Perhaps I need to adjust my meds…

Sometimes The Violent Femmes just say it best!!!!

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