Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nauseated from the spin...

The internet, TV, Republicans, Democrats, pundits, citizens and everyone in between has tried to spin the government shutdown to fit his/her opinion.  I’m nauseated from the spin!!!!
Yes the parks are closed and your vacation was screwed up.  That’s a first world problem, people.  Like yesterday when I was bitching that my garage fridge died.  Boo freaking hoo!!!!
My husband is going on 2 weeks of working without pay.  Yes, there is the promise of back pay when a deal is struck, but I’m pissed!!!!!  This shouldn’t happen.  It’s shameful.
In truth, I’m not a supporter of Obamacare – mainly because no one can tell me how it will affect me.  The debt ceiling – sure that’s a huge issue.  The U.S. has got to pay its bills just as I have to pay mine! Go figure!
But when the rubber meets the road and when the mortgage is due and the car needs gas, I DON’T REALLY GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THOSE ISSUES!!!!  As a middle class American, I can’t worry about those problems that seem so far from me when I have to dip into savings for butter and egg money!

In what other place than the government could they require you to work without getting paid?  Seriously, where?  I like my job here at a non-profit private school.  I truly think I’m transforming lives with my work.  I’m not here to get rich, but I AM HERE FOR THE MONEY!  Work done for no money is called volunteering. 

Congress is still getting paid!  Why? 
Soldier’s die and their families don’t get benefits.  Come on!!!! 
Amber Alerts are down!
It seems the parts chosen for shut down were choses haphazardly.  Perhaps by a “pin the tail on the donkey” method.
And then this mess with the man from SC mowing the lawns of the DC Memorials…  I get where ‘s coming from, but I’ll not herald him as a hero. They were flown into Dover in flag draped caskets earlier in the week.
You see the man/woman whose job it is to mow the grass, or take out the trash, or work at the park wants to be there doing his job.
Let’s keep our eyes on the ball and think about the real people affected by this.  Let’s hold those who are to blame accountable!!!

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