Thursday, November 7, 2013

Southern Girl Panic Attack

So my house is for sale. It's a great house.  I just need to be in a different part of town.  Here's the link.  Please pass it on.  Please!

In an effort to "declutter" and "stage" (I know all the HGTV words), we rented a storage unit back in June. I did this knowing that by the end of the summer I would be in my new home on the other side of town. I am not one of those irritating people on "Sell this House" who won't remove some of her BS for the good of the cause.  After all, it's was just for the summer.  Right?   I was ruthless in what went into storage. If I didn't need it over the summer, it went.  If it was Husband's, it went.  If it was one of the boy's, it went.  Most of the basement stuff is now in storage.

So I moved a small dining table in place of my large dining table - my pride and joy.  With excitement and anticipation I packed up my entire china cabinet and took it to storage.  With the same zeal I packed up my baker's rack and all its contents.  Suddenly I felt powerless!  What if a neighbor needs a cheese ball?  What if there's a funeral meal at church?  I managed to stave off the panic.  Eyes on the prize, right?

No now it's November.  NOVEMBER.  I'm literally having heart palpitations thinking of having Thanksgiving festivities let alone Christmas without my stuff.  And I'm not talking about decorations, mind you.  I'm talking about serving platters and dishes.  What if I have to take something to a Christmas party on a platter that's not seasonal, or even a real serving piece.  I have more serving pieces than anyone has a right to.  No, I take that back, my mom has that many.  Last night I had to serve deviled eggs from a regular plate.  Have you ever heard of such a thing? 

I'm a good girl from the South.  We have crystal, flatware, serving dishes, and platters.  We use them for everything.  And, I am without mine.  It would be different if I didn't have the stuff, or didn't have proper home training.  But unfortunately, all the accoutrement that make me a proper Southern girl are down at #37 in the storage units. 

What am I going to do????  If you need me, I'll be in closet, rocking back and forth. 

Sometimes it's hard being a proper Southern girl.  But who'd want to be a Yankee?

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