Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Top 10 reasons we're taking a break from Indiana Jones

I've had to issue a moratorium on all things Indiana Jones.  I realized that when I saw this as a child, I only saw it once.  My boys can watch it over and over.  Although most of the movies are like comic books acted out, there are some serious and violent parts.  If you're a kid and you've only seen it once, when you act it out later, you're more likely NOT to remember the inappropriate parts.  However, if you're my boys and you've seen it many times, the only parts you re-enact are the violent ones.  Thus I give you the TOP TEN REASONS THERE IS NO MORE INDIANA JONES.  If you haven't seen these movies lately, you might need to re-watch to fully appreciate the list.

10.  Although Bruce attends a Christian private school and can quote the Bible like a preacher, he wants to go on a search for the Arc of the Covenant, and the Holy Grail - in the U.S. archives....

9.  They won't eat vegetables but are totally willing to try bugs or brains.

8.  They (Husband included) say I'm exactly like Willie (Kate Capshaw) from "Temple of Doom".  (OK, they might be right about that)

7.  Bruce has several real world examples of how he could use a "real" whip.  They involve saving his brother and swinging into the car when I pretend I'm going to leave without him in the mornings.

6.  They know all the words to Elvis' "Hound Dog" because of the opening sequence to "Crystal Skull."

5. They can sing "Anything Goes" in Chinese.

4.  If I say something like, "Hey David, can we watch something other than Indiana Jones or Duck Dynasty?"  Reed will say to me, "You call him Dr. Jones, Doll!!!!"

3. Reed's answer to any question is likely to be, "OK, Hold onto you potato!"

2.  Reed tries repeatedly to remove his brother's beating heart with his hand.

1. Reed has a Nerf gun and walks through the house shouting, "I'm a good Nazi!"

...Ay Yi Yi!!!!!  Just add this to my mom of the year application. 

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