Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Down!

I resolve…

The year is only 31 days old, so I don’t think it’s too late to have resolutions.  I’ve had these since January 1, but I think my odds of success are greater if I put them in cyberspace so my dozens of readers can hold me accountable.
These aren’t life changing resolutions – simply projects that are better to begin with a new year.  I believe if you have an epiphany regarding faith or health those changes should take place immediately, not at the first of the year.
1.       I will find another location to have Jazzercise classes.  The YMCA is beating me down for many reasons.  Mainly I refuse to compete with Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning and effing Aqua Zumba!  Zumba seems to be the only type of dance widely accepted in the town so wherever I end up, it’ll be like having my own personal Speak Easy.
An update:  ONE DOWN!  Resolution met!  Beginning February 7th there will be Jazzercise at the Rec. Center of – wait for it…  First Baptist Church!!!  Husband asked if they understood that secular music and dancing was involved.  With that knowledge they STILL wanted the class.  This is divine intervention at its finest.  Truly, I can’t wait to see what God wants me to learn through this experience.
2.       Someone or some entity will pay me actual money to write.  As much as I love ranting in my tiny corner of cyberspace, not long ago people paid me well to write.  Even though I haven’t lived in the GTSA for 20 years, I believe that some little non-profit could use my services for a grant or article or whatever.  Who knows maybe I will find someone who wants commentary laced with sarcasm and acerbic wit… I’ll not hold my breath for that one.
3.    I will accept a compliment when someone is kind enough to pay one to me.  Why can’t I just say “thank you” when someone tells me they like my food or my shoes or thinks I’ve lost weight (they’re just lying so we won’t do pushups in class) or whatever.  I think on a molecular level I can’t do this, but I’ll give it a go. 
4.  Speaking of pushups – I want to do AT LEAST 25 military pushups!  I know it’s not a lot, but it’s an achievable goal. 
5.    I will be happy with my house.  My house is perfectly lovely and I’m lucky to have it.  It has several large flaws that prevent it from meeting our needs.  Right now that’s just too bad.  Selling this house and moving is not something that is feasible right now.  I’m going to have to get over it.
6.    I’m going to whole heartedly commit to leading my church ladies group.  I reluctantly agreed to be president this year, but the job deserves better.  I’ll give it 100% and we’ll see what happens!  It’s only a matter of time before I piss off the old ladies of other groups.  But when it happens I'll try to be adult about it - meaning, I'll try not to cry.
7.    Realize I have friends and be a friend a friend would like to have.
8.    Gripe less (yeah, right)
9.    Cuss less (DAMMIT that’s gonna be hard!)
10   Go to bed every night having said “thank you” to God and to at least one other person
11.  Learn to stand up for myself and fight for what’s right.  Currently I have a washing machine that’s NOT paid for, barley 2 years old and is a broken P.O.S (does that count as cussing????) I call Whirlpool ready to read them the riot act and what do I do?  I back down.  Me:  So you’re telling me that there nothing you’ll do for my washer that’s not 2 years old, not paid for, eats my clothes and is perpetually broken?  Whirlpool:  Yep  Me:  Alrighty then…  I must do better than this.
12.  Go camping with my family (Just kidding!  NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!)
Wish me luck!  I’ll need it!

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  1. I love it and I love you! You are a GREAT person Anne and you will do all these things with the strength of our God:) Bless you and your family!