Thursday, May 30, 2013

Red, Yellow, Black and White and Camo?

Apparently we’ve really neglected to teach Bruce some basic vocabulary.  Not sure how this happened.
It all started like this…  Our treasured sitter and temporary house guest and taken him to Target (or somewhere) with her.  He was pointing out someone he knew who was also at Target.  Bruce, (Bless his heart) referred to this person as a “camouflage” person.  After more questions she realized he was talking about a black person he knew from his school.  Bear in mind that Bruce has good friends of all colors, shapes, sizes and differently abled. He wasn't saying this in a hateful manner.

Later she told me about this encounter.  She asked if this was a “family” thing.  Maybe we referred to people of color as “camouflage.”  “Of course not!” I answered. 

Then it happened again.  Husband was picking him up from summer camp.  On the way out he was giving high fives to all his buddies.  Husband was asking all their names on the way out. 

Husband:  Who’s the one in the red shirt?
Bruce: Which red shirt?
Husband:  The one with the number 15 on it.
Bruce:  The camouflage boy?
Husband:  Huh??  No he’s wearing red.
Bruce: Yeah the camouflage boy.

Husband gently corrected him. But I got to thinking.  We don’t generally refer to anyone’s skin color often.  It just doesn’t come up.  I suppose he has enough friends who are adopted and therefore are very different looking than their parents.  It just a non-issue.

So now I’m wondering what other words does he not know? What “Brucisms” has he come up with when he doesn’t have the correct word?  I fear that I’m going to have some “splainin’” to do.

Hopefully from now on Bruce will refer to someone as camouflage when said person is dressed for hunting or is a member of the military.

Oh, and I’m failing with the little one to.  He doesn't say the work “buckle.”  When he gets in his car seat or the grocery cart, he shouts “Fukkle! Fukkle! Fukkle!”

Lord, give me strength!

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